Term and Conditions


1) DEFINITION  These General Sales Conditions (GSC) are an integral part of the Purchase Order and the Order Confirmation, as better specified in the following points. The GSC apply to all sales and contracts connected with them, for example supply, provision of services, tenders, and also to what are known as mixed-purpose contracts for goods and services, and to any other contract concluded by GPS Bags S.p.A. (Seller) with another company or organisation, collective or individual (Purchaser), having as object the products manufactured and/or designed and/or marketed by GPS Bags S.p.A. These GSC will prevail over any Conditions laid out by the client. 

2) DELIVERY TERMS  The delivery terms indicated in the order are always indicative and never mandatory and essential in the interest of the Purchaser. The Seller shall not obliged to pay compensation if the goods are not delivered in a timely manner. The effective delivery terms can be extended by the Seller for a period of time that is at least equal to delays caused by: late delivery to the Seller of the raw materials ordered from third parties, Product variations agreed on with the Purchaser and, more in general, delays, slowdowns, suspension of and interruptions in the work attributable to the Client, strikes, lockouts, fire, flooding, earthquakes, epidemics, particularly bad weather conditions, measures taken by Public Authorities, power cuts, machine failures, lack of raw materials or other random events or cases of force majeure, unless the obligation of the Seller is extinguished due to supervening impossibility. Should the goods under contract not be sent to the domicile of the Purchaser or another place designated by same, the Purchaser shall pick them up from the domicile of the Seller according to the agreed terms.

3) CANCELLATION / MODIFICATION:  not possible unless written approval has been received from GPS BAGS S.p.A. The raw materials and/or costs upheld by GPS BAGS S.p.A. until the moment of cancellation/modification will be charged to the Client. Should the Client cancel the order, GPS BAGS S.p.A. reserves the right to exact full order conclusion. All obligations are considered as being accepted, excluding impediments caused by force majeure and including health emergencies, strikes, fire, flooding, power cuts, railway or road or sea interruptions, raw material shortages, machine failures, epidemics, war, etc. Should a case of force majeure occur that prevents or limits GPS BAGS S.p.A.’s regular production progress, GPS BAGS S.p.A reserves the right to suspend or cancel the order, or to complete it as quickly as possible. In such cases the Client  has no right to compensation of any kind if substantial variations in the price of the raw materials and/or the transformation costs occur before the order has been processed. By mutual agreement, the price can be reviewed even as a result of currency matters. Should no agreement be reached, the order can be cancelled by GPS BAGS S.p.A. and the Client shall have no right to compensation for damages. Should any modifications be made to the contract, the delivery date shall be extended for the same period of time that was initially established for delivery.

4) CLAIMS  The Purchaser shall verify the integrity, suitability and conformity of the products as soon as they are delivered. Any claims should be sent by registered letter with return receipt, or by certified email, within the mandatory period of 8 days from product reception. Claims regarding hidden defects should also be sent within 8 days from the date on which they should have been verified, but in any case no later than six (6) months from the date on which the products were delivered. Unauthorised returns will not be accepted. The Client loses all guarantee rights if use of the goods is not immediately suspended as soon as the cause that led to the claim being made was discovered. The Client cannot, in any manner, suspend and/or delay payment of the goods beyond the established terms, and cannot enforce any lawsuit or dispensation until the invoice for the products against which the claim is being made has been paid. To allow the Seller to carry out the necessary checks and interventions, a minimum number of at least 100 samples of the products against which the claim is being made must be sent immediately to the headquarters of the Seller, or to another place indicated by same, at the cost of the Purchaser. Under the condition that the claim of the Purchaser is covered by guarantee, the Seller shall do any checks considered as being necessary and/or appropriate on the Product, informing the Client of their results within 15 working days from their termination. The Product against which a claim is being made, and the product quantity specified in said claim, must be kept available and preserved by the Client for the checks that are to be carried out by the manufacturer or insurance company, and for a period that is necessary for completing inspections and verifications. Violating the obligations of this article terminates the right to guarantee application.

5) GUARANTEE  GPS BAGS S.p.A. only guarantees that each item, when delivered, will correspond with the specifications supplied by the Client. In the vent that, and insofar as, the products do not satisfy said guarantee, GPS BAGS S.p.A. shall, at its own discretion and within a reasonable period of time, replace the goods without any amount being due by the Client, or allow the Client to return the goods for reimbursement at the original invoiced price. In consequence, the obligation of GPS BAGS S.p.A. will be limited to goods replacement or acceptance of their return with reimbursement of the price.

6) DAMAGES  In the event of Client claims being accepted by the Seller, the Seller shall only respond up to the maximum limit of the value of the supplied goods. In no case shall the Seller be obliged to reimburse further damage, either direct or indirect. The Seller shall not be held responsible before the Purchaser or other parties for any resulting special, incidental, indirect damage and shall not be obliged to pay punitive damage, nor shall it be held responsible for losses, costs or charges, including and without being limited to damage consisting of loss of starting, sales or profits, work stoppage, no production, deterioration of other Products or other things, not even if they derive from or are in relation to violation of the guarantee, breach of contract, erroneous or false declarations, fault or other. Regarding any claim for compensation of damages that derive from or are related to the Products and their use, and in spite of any possible contrary affirmation that appears in this document, the Seller shall not pay more than the sum paid by the Purchaser for the goods object of the claim.

7) DISCOUNTS  The agents-representatives of GPS BAGS S.p.A. are not authorised to grant discounts or deferred payment, nor are they authorised to accept verbal notifications or enter into transactions. Any discount, deferral and transaction must be approved in writing by GPS BAGS S.p.A.

8) TRANSPORT  The prices indicated in the order include the transport costs with the carrier chosen directly by GPS BAGS S.p.A. In the event of a specific, different request, to be made in writing by the purchaser, the transport costs will be charged to same.  Dispatch costs amounting to less than € 400 are at the charge of the receiver.

9) QUANTITY  The product quantity can vary by 20%, rounded up or down, of the quantity given in the order.  The formats, thicknesses, and basic weights of the materials used are approximate, as are the colours of the materials, the cords and the print colours used. Any difference that falls within the limits of tolerance permitted by the specific technical requirements for production or use cannot be considered as a reason for reducing the price, or for contract resolution.

10) INTEREST ON ARREARS  Not paying the amount due at the agreed deadlines gives GPS BAGS S.p.A. the right to add interest on arrears at a rate of 5 units above the official BCE bank rate.

11) GRAPHICS  All costs regarding the graphic images of trademarks, codes or others, print proofs, printing systems, and anything relative to or requested by the Client for correct actualisation of the product, shall always be borne by the Purchaser. The approval of the Purchaser regarding print proofs exonerates GPS BAGS S.p.A. from any and all responsibility regarding any inaccuracy in the proof itself and which leads to incorrect order production. The GPS BAGS S.p.A. trademark will be printed on all the bags. When making the order, the purchaser must supply GPS BAGS S.p.A. with all the graphic material needed for order execution. The delayed supply of said material will automatically cause the delivery terms to change, exempting GPS BAGS S.p.A. from any and all responsibility. No part of the material will be returned. The supports used for printing (printing systems) must be paid by the Client who becomes the owner, and will remain the responsibility of GPS BAGS S.p.A. for the time required for production.

12) CONTRACT RESOLUTION  Should the purchaser breach any clause of this order, GPS BAGS S.p.A. shall consider the contract resolved by right and shall request compensation for damages. 

13) APPLICABLE LAW and COMPETENT COURT  For any controversy involving the interpretation and execution of this contract, and expressly also for opposition to injunctions, the parties, even notwithstanding what is indicated in art. 18 and following of the Italian Civil and Criminal Code, elect the Vicenza Court as the exclusive competent court. The contract is regulated by Italian law, which the parties elect as the law that regulates the contract relationship.

14) INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY  The Purchaser shall be the only party responsible for any violation of third-party rights and, in particular, of copyright and rights relative to brands, names, designs and patents that said purchaser decides to place on the ordered Products, as well as for each reproduction of the form and exterior aspect of third-party products.  The Purchaser expressly relieves the Seller of any responsibility resulting from and/or connected with, either directly or indirectly, the violations indicated in the first paragraph, and of the legal and judicial effects deriving from actions by the third parties that claim violation of the aforementioned rights. In compliance with laws on intellectual property, all the creative work produced by the Seller (for example drawings, photographs, prints, films, logos) are and remain the exclusive of the Seller; the relative rights of the products that include said creative work shall not be transferred to the Purchaser, unless expressly agreed on otherwise by the parties. The Purchaser acknowledges and accepts that the identification brand of the Manufacturer can be printed on the products actualised by the Seller. By signing the order, the Purchaser declares to have the total availability, as owner or licensee, of the brands of which it commissions the print and releases the producer GPS BAGS S.p.A. from each and every responsibility. The Purchaser shall not hold GPS BAGS S.p.A. responsible for any claim that could be made by anyone and for any reason, and attributable to or connected with violation of the rights regarding the safeguarding and protection of the property and/or use of printed trademarks.

15) PRIVACY  The personal data of the Purchaser shall be processed as indicated by Italian law regarding personal data processing (Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003) and by European Law 2016/679 (GDPR)). Pursuant to Art. 13 of the GDPR, the Seller shall inform the Purchaser that the Seller is the data controller, which can be contacted at the indicated address/number, and that the personal data of the Purchaser are collected and processed exclusively for fulfilling this agreement, which is also the juridical base. This information will not be divulged to third parties unless obliged to do so by the obligations of applicable laws. The data are processed within the time limits indicated by pertinent reference laws and until the stated purposes have been completed. Authorisation from the Purchaser is necessary, and if not given the legal transaction cannot be concluded. The Purchaser can, at any moment, exercise the right to immediate data cancellation, unless processing is necessary for fulfilling a legal obligation indicated by European Union or Italian State Law (article 17(1) and (3)(b) of the Regulation).  Being a data subject, the Purchaser can exercise the rights indicated in articles 15 to 22, in addition to articles 34, 77 and following, of the European Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) at any moment by contacting the data controller.



of users consulting the website www.gpsbags.com

issued in conformity to article 13 of EU Regulation 2016/679


In conformity to EU Regulation 2016/679 (hereafter the “Regulation”), this page describes the methods used to process the personal data of users consulting the website/s accessible at the following address:

  • www.gpsbags.com

This notice does not apply to other websites, pages or on-line services accessible via links published on the website/s and referring to resources outside the jurisdiction of the supervisory authority.


Data belonging to identified or identifiable persons may be processed as a result of their consulting the website/s listed above.

The Controller of data processing is GPS SPA, with registered office at Schio (VI), via Campania 16 (Email: info@gpsbags.com, PEC: gps@cert.assind.vi.it, switchboard 0445.599611).


The personal data defined on this page are processed by the Controller for the purpose of managing the website/s on the basis of the corresponding data privacy notice/s and to offer and deliver the services advertised on the said website/s on the basis of the necessary consent.


Navigation Data   

The information systems and software procedures put in place to ensure the functioning of this website acquire certain items of personal data as a result of their normal operation, such data being transmitted implicitly through the use of Internet communication protocol.

This type of data includes the IP addresses or domain names of computers and terminals utilised by users to connect to the website, the URI/URL (Uniform Resource Identifiers/Locators) of requested resources, request times, methods used to submit requests to the server, sizes of files obtained in response, numeric codes indicating the status of the response given by the server and other data regarding users’ computer environments.

Such data are necessary to access the services of the website and are also processed for the following purpose:

  • to obtain statistics on the use of services (most visited pages, the number of visitors per time band or day, geographic area of origin, etc.);
  • to ensure the correct functioning of the services offered.

Navigation data are stored only for the time necessary to ensure the functioning of the website and are erased immediately after processing (unless needed by legal authorities investigating criminal acts).

Data submitted by the user

The optional, explicit and voluntary transmission of messages to contact addresses and the compilation and submission of forms on the website/s lead to the acquisition of the contact details necessary to respond, and of all the personal data included in the messages or forms.

Specific notices are published on the pages dedicated to offering certain services.

Cookies and other methods of tracking

No cookies are used to profile users nor are other user tracking systems implemented

Session cookies (non-persistent cookies) are used only to ensure secure and efficient navigation of the website/s. The user may control the storage of session cookies on terminals and in browsers while, at the end of each HTTP session, servers store cookie-related information in service logs for no longer than seven days, in the same way as other navigation data.


Personal data collected as a result of consultation of the websites listed above may be disclosed to recipients designated as data processors according to article 28 of the Regulation for purposes related to the development and delivery of services and the operational management of the technological platforms concerned.

Collected personal data may also be processed by personnel of the supervisory authority acting on specific instructions related to the purposes and methods of processing.


Data subjects have the right to obtain access to their personal data, to rectify or erase them, to restrict the processing of data concerning them or to object to processing (articles 15 and following of the Regulation). Requests to this purpose should be submitted to the contact addresses given above.


If data subjects believe that this website is processing their personal data in violation of the Regulation’s requirements, they have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority as established in article 77 of the Regulation, or to initiate proceedings in a court of law (article 79 of the Regulation).

GPS S.p.A.
Politica per la protezione dei dati personali
ai sensi dell’articolo 13 del Regolamento (UE) 2016/679


Ai sensi del Regolamento (UE) 2016/679 (di seguito “Regolamento”), questa pagina descrive le modalità di trattamento dei dati personali degli utenti che consultano il/i sito/i web accessibile/i per via telematica al seguente indirizzo:


Le presenti informazioni non riguardano altri siti, pagine o servizi online raggiungibili tramite link ipertestuali eventualmente pubblicati nei siti ma riferiti a risorse esterne al dominio del Garante.


Titolare del trattamento è GPS SPA, con sede in Schio (VI), via Campania 16 (Email: info@gpsbags.com, PEC: gps@cert.assind.vi.it, centralino 0445.599611).


GPS S.p.A., in materia di protezione dei dati personali, fa propri nella sua attività questi principi e finalità:

  • i dati personali sono trattati in modo lecito, corretto e trasparente nei confronti dell’interessato (Liceità correttezza e trasparenza)
  • i dati personali sono raccolti e trattati solo per finalità determinate, esplicite e legittime (Finalità del trattamento);
  • l’utilizzo di dati personali è sempre ridotto al minimo necessario essenziale per il raggiungimento delle finalità dichiarate (minimizzazione dei dati)
  • i dati personali sono raccolti e trattati solo se funzionali al raggiungimento delle finalità dichiarate (Pertinenza);
  • i dati personali sono trattati con modalità e strumenti proporzionali alle finalità da raggiungere (Proporzionalità);
  • i dati personali raccolti e trattati sono sempre puntualmente verificati in modo che sia garantita la loro correttezza e attendibilità e se necessario aggiornati (Esattezza e Completezza);
  • i dati personali raccolti sono sempre conservati per un periodo di tempo limitato al raggiungimento delle finalità dichiarate (Conservazione);
  • i dati personali sono sempre raccolti e trattati in modo da garantire un’adeguata sicurezza compresa la protezione, mediante misure tecniche ed organizzative appropriate, dalla distruzione o dal danno accidentali e da trattamenti non autorizzati o illeciti (Sicurezza, integrità e riservatezza);
  • i dati personali non possono essere trattati per finalità diverse da quelle dichiarate in fase di raccolta o in violazione della disciplina in materia di protezione dei dati personali (Divieto di Trattamenti Illeciti).

Dati di navigazione

I sistemi informatici e le procedure software preposte al funzionamento di questo sito acquisiscono, nel corso del loro normale esercizio, alcuni dati personali la cui trasmissione è implicita nell’uso dei protocolli di comunicazione di Internet.

In questa categoria di dati rientrano gli indirizzi IP o i nomi a dominio dei computer e dei terminali utilizzati dagli utenti, gli indirizzi in notazione URI/URL (Uniform Resource Identifier/Locator) delle risorse richieste, l’orario della richiesta, il metodo utilizzato nel sottoporre la richiesta al server, la dimensione del file ottenuto in risposta, il codice numerico indicante lo stato della risposta data dal server (buon fine, errore, ecc.) ed altri parametri relativi al sistema operativo e all’ambiente informatico dell’utente.

Tali dati, necessari per la fruizione dei servizi web, vengono anche trattati allo scopo di:

  • ottenere informazioni statistiche sull’uso dei servizi (pagine più visitate, numero di visitatori per fascia oraria o giornaliera, aree geografiche di provenienza, ecc.);
  • controllare il corretto funzionamento dei servizi offerti.

I dati di navigazione non persistono per più del tempo necessario a garantire il funzionamento del sito e vengono cancellati immediatamente dopo la loro aggregazione (salve eventuali necessità di accertamento di reati da parte dell’Autorità giudiziaria).

Dati comunicati dall’utente

L’invio facoltativo, esplicito e volontario di messaggi agli indirizzi di contatto, nonché la compilazione e l’inoltro dei moduli presenti sui siti, comportano l’acquisizione dei dati di contatto del mittente, necessari a rispondere, nonché di tutti i dati personali inclusi nelle comunicazioni.

Specifiche informative verranno pubblicate nelle pagine predisposte per l’erogazione di determinati servizi.

Cookie e altri sistemi di tracciamento

Non viene fatto uso di cookie per la profilazione degli utenti, né vengono impiegati altri metodi di tracciamento.

Viene invece fatto uso di cookie di sessione (non persistenti) in modo strettamente limitato a quanto necessario per la navigazione sicura ed efficiente dei siti. La memorizzazione dei cookie di sessione nei terminali o nei browser è sotto il controllo dell’utente, laddove sui server, al termine delle sessioni HTTP, informazioni relative ai cookie restano registrate nei log dei servizi, con tempi di conservazione comunque non superiori ai sette giorni al pari degli altri dati di navigazione.


Possono essere destinatari dei dati raccolti a seguito della consultazione dei siti sopra elencati i soggetti designati, ai sensi dell’articolo 28 del Regolamento, quali responsabili del trattamento, per lo svolgimento dei servizi di sviluppo, erogazione e gestione operativa delle piattaforme tecnologiche impiegate.

I dati personali raccolti sono altresì trattati dal personale del Garante, che agisce sulla base di specifiche istruzioni fornite in ordine a finalità e modalità del trattamento medesimo.


Gli interessati hanno il diritto di ottenere, nei casi previsti, l’accesso ai dati personali e la rettifica o la cancellazione degli stessi o la limitazione del trattamento che li riguarda o di opporsi al trattamento (artt. 15 e ss. del Regolamento). L’apposita istanza può essere presentata ai contatti in precedenza indicati


Gli interessati che ritengono che il trattamento dei dati personali a loro riferiti effettuato attraverso questo sito avvenga in violazione di quanto previsto dal Regolamento hanno il diritto di proporre reclamo al Garante, come previsto dall’art. 77 del Regolamento stesso, o di adire le opportune sedi giudiziarie (art. 79 del Regolamento).


GPS S.p.A. nel rispetto dei sopraindicati principi persegue l’obiettivo del miglioramento continuo della tutela dei dati personali mediante:

  • l’adozione di un adeguato sistema documentale
  • l’identificazione di incaricati e responsabili dotati di adeguati requisiti per garantire il corretto funzionamento del sistema di gestione privacy;
  • l’adozione di misure di sicurezza idonee a prevenire e ridurre al minimo i rischi inerenti il trattamento di dati personali;
  • l’adozione delle migliori tecniche disponibili ed economicamente sostenibili per limitare i danni in caso di incidenti o eventi negativi in materia di trattamento di dati personali;
  • l’adozione di opportuni criteri e modalità di ripristino dei dati in caso di danneggiamento e perdita accidentale.
  • sensibilizzare dipendenti, fornitori, clienti, soci su obiettivi e impegni assunti in materia di protezione dei dati personali;
  • motivare e coinvolgere il personale dipendente affinché vengano raggiunti gli obiettivi prefissati e sviluppato, ad ogni livello, il senso di responsabilità verso la tutela dei dati personali e la sicurezza delle informazioni;
  • formare informare ad un lecito e corretto trattamento dei dati personali e sicurezza delle informazioni;
  • promuovere il dialogo e il confronto con tutti i portatori d’interesse, tenendo conto delle loro istanze, in materia di trattamento di dati personali, in coerenza con gli strumenti di partecipazione e comunicazione adottati GPS S.p.A..

Verranno riesaminati periodicamente la politica e gli obiettivi allo scopo di ottenere un miglioramento continuo della tutela dei dati personali.

Schio, lì 22 aprile 2020


Paid-in Capital: Eur 5.200.000 fully paid-in
Registered Office: Via Campania, 16 ZI – 36015 Schio (VI) -Italy
Administrative Office: Via Campania, 16 ZI – 36015 Schio (VI) -Italy Vicenza 131959