Bags d'autore

From an intuition to an idea

Mr Grotto had an intuition during a local art exhibition.
Pasty brushstrokes, strong colours and an instinctive trait, these were the characteristics of some paintings that attracted the attention of Mr Grotto among all the other works on display. Each of these works of art "shouted" a different emotion to its viewer; the works captured the public and dragged it into the artist's world. An intense and expressive power, revealing the soul of its author. A young and emerging artist in whom Mr Grotto immediately saw a great talent. The genius and the determination of a young woman who choses art to express herself, to communicate her ideas and her vision to everyone: that was the exact moment when Mr Grotto had his intuition. The collaboration between the two has a dual purpose: to increase visibility of young talents and to make every bag unique, like a work of art.
Bags d'autore: 80 limited edition bags numbered and personalized individually, each piece treated as the canvas of a painting.

Thanks to the artist Alison Piazza and the company Allavelli Michele srl – Gelada (VA) for the supply of rope straps.