Personalised printed plastic bags, personalised printed shopping bags

GPS features many customized plastic bags made of polyethylene, high density polyethylene and polypropylene, enriched by high quality graphics, finishes and prints: flexo and UV rotooffset. Customized plastic bags proposed in various models, from the more classic Loop handle and Punched out handle (welded or cut-out ) to the most original Cucita and Fuxia (with manual finishes) all customizable in size, thickness and colour of the material.

Accurate sample verification at all stages of processing of all raw materials and finished products allows us to guarantee a high quality standard in our plastic shopper. GPS boasts a dynamic sales team that responds promptly to any customer issues and offers a great consulting service.

Nowadays customized plastic bags are used in any merchandise sector, from trade to industry, with infinite customization and remarkable communication impact. GPS as well as plastic shopping bags has as its main strength the production of paper shopping bags.

We are leader in production of any kind of customized plastic bags: hand-finished or automatically produced by our latest generation machinery. We are therefore able to meet every need of our customers.

We also produce plastic shopping bags and customized plastic bags for the most important global companies in many market sectors such as food, fashion, cosmetics and industry. Every year, GPS invests heavily in R & D revenue, which allows us to get cutting edge products and to satisfy even the most demanding customers.